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Terms and Conditions

Management of the user ID and Password is done under the sole risk of the user and is not to be transferred or shared with third parties. Any use of the users ID and Password will be judged to be the actions and responsibility of the user.

Users of Exportcar web services may not copy, replicate, distribute, upload or otherwise transmit any portion of the information or material obtained. Automatic data collection, exploitation of the material or information obtained through Exportcar web services is prohibited.

We reserves the right to restrict or suspend in full or in part the use of the service, without any prior notice to the user.

All vehicles sold through are sold “as-is where-is,” without any warranty, express or implied. disclaims the accuracy or completeness of any and all information provided to buyer regarding vehicles.

We did not inspect cars before buying at the Auction. We did not inspect cars after buying it at the Auction. We cannot give you details about the condition of the engine, transmission, suspension, brakes, and any electronic control systems of this cars. We do not have further information about the history of ownership and maintenance of cars.

Closing time for bidding is 6 hour before the auction time. In each group, the maximum number of possible bid of group designation is up to 5 units. The customers can bid for 5 bikes and add 2 more additional if necessary. Bid price is the maximum price, but we may exceed the price by up to ¥30,000 when necessary. For negotiation, you need to add at least ¥50,000 on top of "Not Sold" price.

The bid is a contract under which you are obliged to pay for the car in case of a successful bid. Payment must be received within two days from date of purchase.

Tranposrtation of cars without auction grade, low suspension cars, damaged cars, (despite of its` technical condition) might take additional costs incurred

Port of destination charges are paid by the buyer from the time of arrival: import charges, port charges, storage, unloading costs, etc.

We speak Japanese, English, Russian. Due to high number of enquiries, we can’t negotiate by phone. Please, email your questions. You will receive a response within 24 hours.

Paid services: USS Photo, translation auction sheet, datacard Porsche, etc. The cost of services and the payment procedure are published on our website.

We shall bear no responsibility for steering location and/or the year of manufacture for imported cars.

Please note. We provide loans to European members in the amount of $ 10,000 for one or two months only subject to shipment to the port of Bremerhaven, Le Havre, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Zeebrugge.

Upon arrival at the port of destination, oil, fuel and radiator fluid must be refilled by the customer. Due to the length of the shipping period the battery may require recharging or replacement. Tire pressure should also be inspected and addressed accordingly.

We reserve the right to cancel an auction for any reason without notice.

We reserves the right to change or cancel any provision of the service, without notifying the user and will not bear responsibility for damage caused by this. We reserves the right to alter the terms of service without notifying the user, and the user will be bound by the updated terms.

Auction results.
Buy: You bought the car
Sold: The car was sold to another company / individual
Not Sold: The car was not sold
Auction Cancelled: The car was cancelled by the auction
Bid Outbid: Your bid has been outbid (someone from ExportCar placed a higher bid)

Vor und nach der Ersteigerung wurde der Zustand des Wagens nicht überprüft. Wir können Ihnen keine Informationen über den Zustand des Motors, Triebwerkes, der Bremsen, des Aufhängers und sämtlicher elektronischen Lenksysteme geben. Wir verfügen ebenfalls über keine Daten bezüglich der ehemaligen Besitzer und durchgeführten Wartungen.

Bitte beachten Sie. Der Anzahlungsbetrag (Deposit) ist nicht erstattungsfähig. Der kann aber mit dem Rechnungsbetrag beim Kauf verrechnet werden.