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You can decide on a car condition by its grade indicated in vehicle auction sheet. Please note, vehicle inspection procedure is carried out in accordance with the Japanese quality specifications. A mileage of 70,000 - 80,000 km is considered to be really big, and a small scratch on a car body is a sufficient damage. Thus, a vehicle defined by Japanese technicians as bad or even accident can be acknowledged as very good in some other country.

Inspection score and evaluation criteria.
Inspection score
Conditions      Interior      Conditions   
5 points
Rank A
4.5 points
Very good
Rank B
Very good
4 points
Rank C
3.5 points
Normal Ranc D
3, 2,1 points
Rank E
R, RA points
History of repair
*** points
Accident car -

Defect symbol list / Exhibit sheet terminology.

Conditions                         Abbreviation     
Scratch small A
Air conditioner
A 2
Scratch medium AAC
Automatic air conditioner
A 3
Scratch big AT/FA
Automatic transmission
U 1
Unevenness small F5/5MT
5-speed manual transmission
U 2
Unevenness medium SQ
Sequential transmission
U 3
Unevenness big PS
Power steering
C/S 1
Rust small SR  Sunroof 
C/S 2
Rust medium AW  Aluminum wheels 
C/S 3
Rust big PW
Power window
W 1
Repair Excellent TV  TV 
W 2
Repair Very good Leather  Leather seat
W 3
Repair Good AIR  Airbag 
W 4  Repair Bad
NAVI   Navigation system
part needs replacement
CD   CD player 
part replaced MD  MD player