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Марка:  Mercedes-Benz
Модель:  SLK230
Год:  2002
Местонахождение:  Slovenia/Koper
Пробег:  52,775
VIN:  WDB1704491F277895
Start price ($):  2,000

We are expanding our business in Europe and pleased to announce that from September 1st, we will begin shipping to the Slovenian port of Koper.

The Koper port is located in the south of Europe on the Adriatic coast and is a free economic zone.

A convenient location will allow you to reduce the cost of delivering cars to South Germany, Northern Italy, Austria and the countries of Eastern Europe.

Koper - Graz 290 km
Koper - Budapest 550 km
Koper - Belgrade 590 km
Koper - Bratislava 550 km
Koper - Bucharest 550 km
Koper - Milan 400 km
Koper - Munich 480 km
Koper - Vienna 450 km
Koper - Salzburg 320 km
Koper - Sofia 550 km
Koper - Zagreb 220 km

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