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Current Bid: $5,400
Reserve not met
Lot No:  542271
Year:  2006
Make:  Jaguar
Model:  XJ8 3.5
Engine:  3550
Mileage:  65,700
VIN:  SAJKA72J86RH05481
Condition:  4
Start price:  1,000
Location:  Arrival Bremerhaven/13.07.2020
Freight:  No
Customs:  No
Financing:  Yes


Lot No 542271 2006 Jaguar XJ8 3.5 SAJKA72J86RH05481


Very, very, very low mileage 65.700 km!



Prices in Europe 22,000 Euro!

You can purchase lot immediately for price (freight to Bremerhaven is included in the price):

Buy Now: $6.500!


To purchase this vehicle, there is no need for registration, and no need for Deposit. Please, send your offers to info@exportcar.jp. You can make your offers in Euro or in USD. Please note that the offer is a contract under which you are obliged to pay for the car in case of a successful BID. Payment is possible in Euro or in USD, to our bank account in Japan or in Germany of your choice.

Example: I offer 5000 Euro. Lot No 395735 Mercedes SL 320 WDB1292701A123456, name, surname, address.

If you are already exportcar.jp member, please kindly sign in and bid for the lot. Please note, the price of the vehicle is the starting price.

Make money buying and selling left hand drive cars directly from Japanese Car Auctions! Left hand European cars in Japan are 2-3 times cheaper, better condition and low mileage then in Europe. Shipping is around 45 days. Customs clearance duty 10% and 19% VAT on the invoice price. Cars over 30 years old, only 7% duty is applied.

Please contact our forwarding and customs agent in Bremerhaven:


Vor und nach der Ersteigerung wurde der Zustand des Wagens nicht überprüft. Wir können Ihnen keine Informationen über den Zustand des Motors, Triebwerkes, der Bremsen, des Aufhängers und sämtlicher elektronischen Lenksysteme geben. Wir verfügen ebenfalls über keine Daten bezüglich der ehemaligen Besitzer und durchgeführten Wartungen.

Unter den vorhandenen Fotos finden Sie den Versteigerungsschein, wo das dafür zuständige Personal den Bericht über den technischen Zustand des Wagens nach der Durchsicht erstellt hat. Oben rechts finden Sie die Bewertung des technischen Zustandes des Wagens. Die Kilometerleistung (in Ziffern) steht in der Mitte des Scheines.

AlleInformationenzu Import und Hafenabgaben (Kosten nach Eintreffen in Bremerhaven) erhalten Sie bei unserem Spediteur in Deutschland:

Payment must be received within two days from date of purchase. All vehicles sold through Exportcar.jp are sold “as-is where-is,” without any warranty, express or implied. Exportcar.jp disclaims the accuracy or completeness of any and all information provided to dealer regarding vehicles. Exportcar.jp no liable for any damage occurring as a result of transport. Please note that the offer is a contract under which you are obliged to pay for the car in case of a successful BID. Costs at the port of arrival are paid by the buyer.