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Current Bid: 7,400 ($)
Марка:  Mercedes-Benz
Модель:  E550 Avantgarde
Год:  2006
Местонахождение:  Reserved→Germany
Пробег:  101,876
VIN:  WDB2112721B049775
Start price ($):  2,800

2006 Mercedes-Benz E550 T Avantgarde 7G-Tronic

To purchase this vehicle, there is NO need for registration, and NO need for Deposit! Please note, the price of the vehicle is the starting price.

Delivery of the car to Bremerhaven has been paid. Click on the link to track down the car status. Please, kindly contact our agent in Bremerhaven Cross Trans Service GmbH Tel. + 49 471 9458032, they will customs clear the car and deliver it to any destination in Europe in 5 working days.

Please, send your questions and offers to kentaro.aoyamas@gmail.com. You can write in english, deutsch, türkçe, русском.




Optional, kann der Kaufpreis bei der Firma Cross Trans Service GmbH in bar oder per Überweisung in EUR „treuhaenderisch“ bezahlt werden. Ansprechpartner Frau Bauer, Tel. + 49 471 9458032. Bitte seien Sie informiert, dass ab dem Ankunftstag im Empfangshafen alle Kosten zur Lasten der Ware gehen.

Payment must be received within two days from date of purchase. All vehicles sold through Export Car are sold “as-is where-is,” without any warranty, express or implied. Export Car disclaims the accuracy or completeness of any and all information provided to dealer regarding vehicles. Export Car no liable for any damage occurring as a result of unsafe or improper loading or securing of a vehicle for transport.