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How do I know a vehicle is in good condition?

You can decide on a car condition by its grade indicated in vehicle auction sheet. Please note, vehicle inspection procedure is carried out in accordance with the Japanese quality specifications. A mileage of 70'000 - 80'000 km is considered to be really big, and a small scratch on a car body is a sufficient damage. Thus, a vehicle defined by Japanese technicians as bad or even accident can be acknowledged as very good in some other country.


Terms and abbreviations relevant to Japanese vehicle auctions:

Condition of vehicle:

S          New car
5          Excellent
4.5       Very good                     
4          Good
3.5       Normal
3.2,1    Bad
R,RA   Repaired after accident
***       Accident


A       clean
B      average
C      needs cleaning                        
D      dirty


A1    small scratch
A2    medium scratch
A3    big scratch
C1    corrosion
C2    rust-through corrosion
E       tiny dent
S       rust
U1    small dent
U2    medium dent
U3    big dent
W1    painting retouch
W2    inconspicuous painting retouch
W3    conspicuous painting retouch
X        part needs replacement
XX      replaced part

Options included:

T         spare tire
W        double
AC      air conditioner
AAC    automatic air conditioning
WAC   double air conditioner
FA       floor Automatic Transmission
CA      column Automatic Transmission
5F       5 speed manual transmission
PS      power steering
PW     power windows
AW     alloy wheels

CD      CD player
MD      MD player
TV       TV-set mount
ABS    anti lock brake system
LSD    limited slip differential power
SRS    airbags
HID      high-intensity discharge headlamps
TRC    traction control system
NAVI    vehicle navigation system
Non Genuine    non genuine equipment

Auction sheet readout:

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