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How do I search vehicles through auctions?

Our search engine is very easy to use. Go to ‘Auctions’ page, choose car maker and model, indicate other parameters and then click ‘Search’. You don’t have to fill all columns. Even if only one filter is chosen, the system will still be operating. E.g., specifying Condition*** you get information on all accidents cars.

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As you can see, the system has found five Mitsubishi Pajero IO with technical parameters indicated by us. Besides, we can see the table that contains the following details: auction date, lot number, auction name, as well as vehicle start price and condition.

‘Date’. Means date of a particular car auction
‘Number’. Means number of a particular auction lot
‘Auction’. Auction name and location. It is usually name of a city, or prefecture
‘Condition’. Condition of the car, the evaluation is by auction staff members in accordance with their grading system
‘Start JPY’. The price to start bidding with. Usually it is much lower than the final price

Lot number is a link to follow. When you click it you get car description, photos, auction sheet, as well as price calculation and bid submit engines.

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