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How do I fill out the application form?

Open the registration page and then fill in all columns of the application form. Indicate a sum of your auction deposit. It should make 10% of the assumed bid and should be no less than 1000 USD. Experience shows that 1000-1500 USD is quite enough for purchase of one car. In case you want to buy several cars or make a business bulk purchase, make a bigger deposit. Click “Submit” upon filling in the application.

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Check your e-mail account to find a hello message with a PDF file attached. The attachment is an invoice for your auction deposit payment. How long does it take to get the message? 10 sec. min, 24 hrs max. There is no e-mail within this period of time? That means something might be wrong with your e-mail account. Contact our support service and we'll solve the problem as soon as possible. So, you've got the message… Open the attached PDF and read the invoice thoroughly to check up your personal data. Pay attention that in addition to auction deposit payment you are to pay an annual activation fee in the amount of 150 USD. After checking your personal data you are to pay invoice via bank. Make a copy of your bank receipt and e-mail it to the support service.

We register you at auctions within 24 hrs upon the money transfer. Your login and password to start up bidding will be sent to you.