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Make:  Mercedes
Model:  E280
Year:  1994
Location:  Germany/Bremerhaven
Mileage:  82,415
VIN:  WDB1240281C166715
Start price ($):  5,800

1994 Mercedes-Benz E280  WDB1240281C166715

Zoll und EU Gebühren sind bereits bezahlt worden
Financing available: 40 days.
Fahrzeugstandort: Parkhaus Deichstraße 29a, Bremerhaven


To purchase this vehicle, there is NO need for registration, and NO need for Deposit. Please, send your offers to exportcaren@gmail.com. You can write in english, polski, deutsch, türkçe, русском. You can write in any language.

If you are already Exportcar.jp member, please kindly sign in and bid for the lot. Please note, the price of the vehicle is the starting price. We reserve the right to sell the car at a price higher or lower than indicated in the ad to a private person or company.


Make money buying and selling left hand drive cars directly from Japanese Car Auctions. Left hand European cars in Japan are 2-3 times cheaper, better condition and low mileage then in Europe. Shipping is around 25 days. Customs clearance duty 10% and 19% VAT on the invoice price. Cars over 30 years old, only 7% duty is applied.

Please note. By Germany and EU laws, any number of cars can be imported private car dealer!

Payment must be received within two days from date of purchase. All vehicles sold through Export Car are sold “as-is where-is,” without any warranty, express or implied. Export Car disclaims the accuracy or completeness of any and all information provided to dealer regarding vehicles. Export Car no liable for any damage occurring as a result of unsafe or improper loading or securing of a vehicle for transport.